All You Can Jump with Neon Lights 

What could be better than a 4-hour All You Can Jump indoor trampoline session? Well, add neon lights and an adrenaline pumping playlist to the mix and you’ve got a high energy, cool party vibe that allows kids and adults to move, jump, climb, and exercise in a unique and ultra-fun environment. 

All You Can Jump with Neon Lights

If you’re looking for a nearby indoor trampoline park where you or your kids can expend some pent up energy and make the most of your money, then All You Can Jump at Elevate Indoor Trampoline Park is a perfect option. At a minimal cost per jumper for 4 hours of action packed fun, the value cannot be beaten. We offer this option every Friday and Saturday night from 6-10 p.m. Our jumpers enjoy their time jumping and moving to DJ-style music under neon lights for an extra adrenaline rush. If you’re not into jumping or need a variety of activities, try our dunk hoops, ninja course, inflatapark, battle beams, or foam pit!

Benefits of Neon Lights and Music

Neon lights and DJ style music add to the fun, energetic atmosphere of indoor jumping, but they also have many health benefits that make them even more appropriate for a high energy entertainment venue. 

Purple light has a calming effect that can help balance nerves in an intense environment. Purple lights will help a jumper still feel comfortable within the intensity of jumping, climbing, and moving around with others. Green light is also therapeutic and has the ability to strengthen muscles, boost the immune system, and stimulate growth hormones. 

Music is scientifically proven to increase dopamine levels when we listen to a song we like. Dopamine, a chemical produced in the brain, enhances mood and increases positive emotions. When combined with all the other healthy side effects of jumping, neon lights and great music contribute to the wellbeing of all participants. 

Perks of Jumping

Jumping on a trampoline is a great form of exercise for most people. The calories burned during a jumping session can lead to weight loss, but jumping also has several other health benefits that may be surprising. Jumping aids the lymphatic system greatly.  Rebounding on a trampoline helps the body to detox, it improves circulation, and it boosts immunity because it causes the lymphatic valves to open and close simultaneously, increasing the amount of lymph flow by up to 15x. Because of this increase, our bodies can eliminate excess fluids and toxins more quickly, enabling our cells and organs to function at a higher level. Plus, it’s a lot easier on the joints than running!

Food And Drink

If you’re still not sure that an All You Can Jump session is for you, then consider our food and beer–yes, beer–options. Our Cafe offers a variety of hot and cold food, sweets, and drinks if you or your kids want to take a break and re-fuel. Maybe you’re not feeling like jumping, but you want your kids to get some exercise.

We look forward to seeing you at our next All You Can Jump session. Come improve your physical and mental health at Elevate Trampoline Park in Cranberry. There’s something for everyone here!