Trampoline Zaps (Static Shock) And How To Reduce Them

Have you ever been jumping on the trampoline for a period of time and then your toe gets a jolt of electricity? This is called static shock. Static shock in this case is caused by the build up of electrical charge in a trampoline jumper that causes them to become negatively or positively charged instead of a normal; neutral charge.

How Do You Get Static Shock On The Trampoline?

You are susceptible to static shock if the air is dry and your feet rub up against the nylon trampoline mat. Static shock requires that the surfaces are conductive. Nylon is a decent conductor of electricity and when it comes in contact with your toe it can create a charge that can cause you to experience a zap of static electricity on your toe. You can also experience static shock after jumping if you touch any metal on the trampoline such as the springs or the frame.

At Elevate Trampoline Park in Erie, PA we ensure mats completely cover the springs and metal frames of our trampolines to reduce risk of injury or static shock. Stack shock is only mildly discomforting, but in the case that you are curious, here are some things you can do to avoid getting static shock on a trampoline.

How Do You Avoid Static Shock on The Trampoline?

To reduce or avoid static shock while jumping on the trampoline you can:

  • Wear cotton clothing instead of wool or nylon.
  • Ground yourself every few minutes with a coin or another safe metal object while you are jumping.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Moisturize your feet before jumping

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