Exercise For Kids At Elevate Trampoline Park

Exercise for kids is important if they do not have an active lifestyle already. If you find it challenging to get your kids away from video games or other electronics, a trampoline park like Elevate’s in Cranberry Township Pennsylvania can provide many forms of aerobic exercise as well as muscle strengthening for inactive children through trampolines and other attractions.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways indoor trampoline parks can make exercising entertaining for kids, and tap into their youthful energy!

Half Court Basketball Is a Great Exercise

Elevate’s basketball court features an inflated surface called an air track designed to provide a soft surface that makes basketball at our indoor fun park safer for players as safety is our top priority. This enables kids to engage in active play in the game with little to no risk of injury.

While playing basketball kids can burn calories, build endurance and improve balance and coordination. If your kids get tired of basketball they can head over to one of our other high-flying attractions for more exercise and a new kind of fun!

Tarzan Swings Build Upper-Body Strength

Another great physical activity at Elevate Trampoline Park is the Tarzan Swing. This attraction enables kids to swing and climb, until their muscles give out, or they simply want to fall into the foam pits below.

Essentially a rope swing, the Tarzan swings utilize all the muscle groups in your child’s upper body including their shoulders, triceps, lats, and pectoral muscles. The Tarzan Swing also allows your child to use their imagination and pretend they are swinging through the trees on this simple, exciting attraction.

Jumping on Trampolines Exercises Your Kid’s Muscles and Heart

According to the Cleveland Clinic’s website, There are Many Health Benefits of Exercising on a Trampoline. Some of these include improvement in bone density at the hip and spine, as well as improvement to balance over a prolonged period of time.

Jumping on a trampoline frequently can also help your heart by lowering your resting heart rate and cholesterol levels since cardio strengthens your heart muscles and makes it easier for your heart to pump blood.

Jumping on a trampoline uses a combination of muscles simultaneously in contrast to the targeted training that many people do when they go to the gym. These muscles include abdominal muscles and glutes, as well as legs and back muscles. Come out this summer to work out on the trampolines at Elevate Cranberry!

Exercise on The Battle Beams

The battle beams at Elevate are a fun way to settle disputes or prove yourself in a safe trial by combat. Since they take place on a balance beam, the battle beams can help improve your balance. Additionally, when your kids swing their padded “lance” at their opponent their center of gravity shifts and they will have to compensate.

The act of swinging with enough force to knock their opponent into the foamy chasm below can also strengthen their arms, but the main gain with this action is cardio especially if the match lasts a while. Each combatant is sure to need a deep breath after being on the battle beams.

The Best Part About Exercising At Elevate

Sure there are some great health benefits associated with coming to our indoor trampoline park and taking advantage of all our great attractions, but the best part is the fun your kids had and the memories you have created. For you as the parent, it may be the break you decide to take while watching your children get tired out, and the anticipation of a quiet night when you get back home.

Come out to Elevate Trampoline Park in Cranberry Township this summer!

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