Indoor Kids Activities For A Rainy Day

Stuck inside with the kids on a rainy day? Although it’s not the ideal situation, you can make the most of it by trying some of these fun and engaging activities that’ll keep your kids, and you, occupied while you wait for the sunshine to return.

Indoor Kids Activities At Home

Bake – Pull out the recipe box and grab the baking ingredients and mixer. Let your kids help with combining ingredients and following instructions while you bake their favorite treats together. It’s a learning experience with a sweet ending. Baking is a great indoor kid friendly activity that teaches them a skill as well!

Dance Party – Crank up the radio or streaming music and crack those glow sticks for an impromptu dance party. There’s no shortage of great dance music for kids, and dancing is a wonderful way to release some of that extra energy kids always seem to have. You can have a dance party at home, or bring it to our indoor trampoline park! We always have great, high-energy music going, and the trampolines and other attractions are sure to add another layer of fun!

Board Games – Board games can be a fun way to pass the time when it’s raining. Gather your family’s favorite games and make a marathon of it, or switch back and forth between board games and dance parties to keep it interesting. For a fun activity, create your own board game together and then play it as a family! Not only are board games a great indoor kids activity, it can be a fun bonding experience for parents and children alike!

Arts and Crafts – Take stock of your crafting supplies and set up shop. Make beaded necklaces, rubber band bracelets, collages, or paintings. Utilize what you have on hand, and let your little ones use their imaginations as they craft their next masterpiece or piece of wearable art.

If you don’t have much in the way of supplies, use large cardboard boxes, markers, foil, and tape to design a rocket ship, a house, or a boat! Anything disposable that is laying around the house can help make this a great indoor activity for kids, and get their creative juices flowing!

Pizza Making – If you’re into homemade meals, you could have a pizza making session and let everyone help with making dough, chopping veggies, and topping their own personal pizzas with whatever they like.

Make Forts and Tents – If you can’t go outside, why not bring the outdoors in? Set up forts or tents using chairs, blankets, and chip clips. Stretch blankets across chairs and couches and secure them using the chip clips. Use pillows to create “doors” to enter and exit the fort. Then tell stories or play games under the cover and warmth of the blankets!

Indoor Kids Activities Outside The Home

Indoor Trampoline Parks – If you’re looking for a way to get your kids of all ages out of the house on a rainy day, visiting an indoor trampoline park, like Elevate, is a fantastic option. Kids can, literally, bounce around from attraction to attraction, and through obstacle courses, getting sweaty, having fun, and exercising all at the same time at our indoor play center. They’ll move to heart-pumping music, and they may even make a few friends while exploring the ninja course or romping around in the foam pits. An indoor trampoline park is always a great option when it comes to indoor kids activities.

Another perk of visiting on a rainy day is that you don’t even have to make lunch because you can take advantage of the tasty food at our restaurant, Drey Cafe. Finally, by bringing the action to Elevate, you avoid having your house destroyed by antsy kids. There is no mess for you to clean up afterward and your kids may be tired, giving you some time to relax when you get home!

Rainy days can keep us from enjoying the outdoors, but there are plenty of options when it comes to indoor fun. We look forward to hosting you at Elevate Trampoline Park, rain or shine!