What Are The Parts of Trampoline? 

While jumping on a trampoline, have you ever wondered what they are made of? Trampolines have undergone many changes since their invention in 1887 when an American named George Nissen created the first modern trampoline. Now, they are made of various materials that work together to provide a safe and fun jumping experience. So the next time you’re on a trampoline, enjoy the bounce knowing exactly what it is made of! 

Trampoline Frames

Trampolines are made of a variety of materials, including metal and matting. The frames of trampolines are usually constructed out of either steel or aluminum, and the shape can be rectangular, circular, or octagonal. Steel frames tend to be more durable than aluminum frames, but depending on the grade used, they can also be heavier.

Jumping Surface

The jumping surface is generally composed of a matting material like nylon mesh that’s tautly stretched across the frame and secured with springs along the edges. This type of construction provides a springy surface for safe bouncing and allows for better control over how high someone can jump. 


Springs are attached to the frame and matting along the edges of a trampoline, creating tension that gives the surface its bounce. Springs can be made out of either zinc-coated or galvanized steel and need to be regularly checked for any damage that might have occurred due to extended wear and tear.

Safety Padding

Safety pads are placed over the springs and frame to protect jumpers from getting hurt if they were to accidentally land on either of them. Pads can be made out of a variety of materials, such as foam or vinyl-covered foam, and should cover the entire circumference of the trampoline for optimal safety. 

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